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Love's Purpose Is To Eradicate Hate

We the People is a new political movement based in Los Angeles, California, that serves everyone nationwide. Gar Michaels, the founder of We the People, says many people are disconnected and no longer operate from their hearts. One of his aims is to address hatred: when we operate through our hearts instead of hating and criticizing others with our political views, we can love and forgive.

Maintaining the right state of mind results in right speech, a right heart, and of course, the right actions. When we argue with someone, it is because we've had an emotional outbreak. Emotions are fleeting, and as time passes, we won't have a clue what the quarrel was about.

We the People is a new organization for everyone. Whether you are old or young, male or female, gay or straight, you belong. Your religious beliefs will cause you no discomfort here. Gar believes there is only one God — the God of faith, love, freedom, truth, black, white, yellow, brown, or rainbow.

This movement is here to inspire you. Gar is well aware that when he inspires others, he gives them love. It could be something as simple as a smile, or a positive word. It could be displayed in a hug given or in a meal offered to a homeless person. When love reigns in your heart, you strengthen others and yourself. Love is conceptual, perpetuating energy. If you believe in that, you will live on forever in peace, harmony, and good will.

A Letter To Donald: Gar's Open Letter to the New President of the United States

Join With Us As We Aspire To Stamp Out Hatred
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Gar Is The Proud Recipient Of A Humanitarian Man Of The Year Award For 2013, From Temple Aliyah

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Watch for Gar's New Album, 10,000 Lifetimes, Due To Be Released Soon


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